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I am Dariusz Mierzwa, born 1959 in Chorzow, started my artistic journey by finishing middle school of Arts in Katowice and doing a diploma in metalworking and painting. It was quite a long time ago, in the period of socialist communism in Poland. 

Sculpture apprenticeship in Jerzy Egon Kwiatkowski’s workshop while working on sculptural elements for the Archcathedral of Christ the King in Katowice (1970s)

It was quite a long time ago, in the period of socialist communism in Poland. After a few years of practice in Polish Television first as an assistant set designer later as an independent set designer I started to realize a lot of TV shows, theatrical performances, musicals, and mass spectacles for, amongst others, Sky Television, Metal Mind Production, Rawa Blues, Miss Polonia, musical festivals and ordered by Polish Television (1980-1990). 

Music show – Polish Students’ Festival
Metal Batlle – 1988 scenography for Metal Mind Productions Katowice „Spodek”
Performance Hall 07.02.1988.
Rawa Blues – 1989 scenography for TVP3 Katowice „Spodek” Performance Hall – 1989.

During this period, besides projects of set designs, I was drawing, painting and exhibiting my paintings in local art galleries. The ultimate ending of this period was an exhibition in the International Art Gallery Interpress in Warsaw. This, summarizing exhibition was preceded by smaller, local performances of my creative outputs both painted and set.

Landscape – oil painting on canvas 1988
Road to love – oil painting on canvas own technique
Shadow of the great mountain – oil painting on canvas own technique

At the beginning of the ’90s, I was making my own and commissioned productions and inviting outstanding Polish directors and television producers, such as Andrzej Wajda, Kazimierz Kutz, Dariusz Goczał and many others to cooperate. 

I started to be interested in computer techniques and digital image processing. I took orders for digital image processing, computer animation. I was realizing myself through photography, computer animation and digital design, sometimes combining drawing techniques with digital image. At this time digital photography technology was well developed, which I often used to realize various projects and in my own creative work. I cooperate with auction houses and galleries as Dariusz Mierzwa Art.Graficom. I also publish my works in popular social services (FB, Twitter, Instagram and on my website/blog). I sign and exhibit my works under my name.

My oil painting entitled. „Exodus” (40 x 50 cm) was created as a result of being inspired by the events of contemporary immigration. The work is signed p.d. D.Mierzwa ’21 and framed. What is needed is a readiness to welcome people fleeing war and famine.

In my works, I talk about the other side of the material world – something deeper and bigger than ourselves. I’m searching for the metaphysical world that is in each of us. I bring this world closer to the audience in combination with philosophical sayings.

Oil painting, on canvas „Power of Government” 50 cm x 38 cm – the painting is framed and signed D.Mierzwa ’22, described on the back, I attach an author’s certificate to the painting. The work is inspired by the political situation in Europe

I want my presented work to transfer the viewers to the other side of the material world and allow for reflection on something deeper and bigger than our daily lives, and allow for a look inside the universe. Where do we come from, where are we, where are we headed, we set out on a journey in search of a land we do not know, we go through the sun and rain, because we are all the same people. I am interested in African and Islamic art. I travel and visit countries of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. Travel always inspires me and is the driving force for new cycles of paintings. 

„A journey into the depths of pain relief”. Oil painting on canvas. This is a view of a gate from the centre of the universe, the hand motif symbolises peace and concentration and the burnt match is meant to symbolise the end of the journey of life that we are all meant to take. The representation of this journey is my vision of the other side of the universe (from the inside).

Exhibitions, galleries, and auction houses with my works.

  • YICCA 2022
  • Luxemburg Art Prize
  • Malamegi Lab Campo del Ghetto Veccchio, Venezia
  • Draint Gallery (Germany)
  • Gallery BBA – Berlin
  • Art Galleries in Laguna Beach, California – USA
  • Malamegi Lab Campo del Ghetto Veccchio, Venezia
  • Draint Gallery (Germany) 
  • Las Laguna Art Gallery – Exhibition: June 2 to 30, 2022 (USA) 
  • 8° Salon Art Resilence au Musse de Peinture de Saint-Frajou (France)
  • AvA Gallery (Dubai)
  • Abstraction to depict the real world or figurative to depict the fantastic world” (September 17th-27th Septamber 2022) – United Arab Emirates
  • 14th -28th November 2022 Exhibiton „Union of Cultures” in the Cultural Foundation مؤسسة العويس الثقافية (Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the AvA Gallery


Dariusz Mierzwa is an artist whose work primarily focuses on painting and scenography. His paintings are known for their use of vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, which create a sense of movement and energy on the canvas. His works often depict abstract landscapes, figures and cityscapes, that evoke feelings of nostalgia and longing.

In terms of scenography, Mierzwa’s work is described as imaginative and evocative, often incorporating elements of nature and organic forms into his designs. His use of light and shadow, as well as his attention to detail, helps to create immersive and otherworldly environments. Reviewers have noted that his scenography often enhances the emotional impact of the productions they are designed for.

Mierzwa’s work is also noted for its ability to blend traditional and modern art techniques, creating a unique and contemporary style. His art is seen as a reflection of his inner world, full of emotions and memories. His paintings and scenography are often praised for their emotional depth and ability to connect with viewers on a personal level.

According to the website mierzwa.com.pl, the artist Dariusz Mierzwa is a painter and photographer. His paintings are primarily abstract, with a focus on landscapes and cityscapes. His works are characterized by the use of vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes and a mix of traditional and modern art techniques. He often evokes feelings of nostalgia and longing through his paintings, they are seen as a reflection of his inner world.

His photography works are mainly landscapes, nature, and urban scenes, captured with a keen eye for composition and light. The photographs are often characterized by a muted color palette, and a focus on form and texture. Through his photography, he captures the beauty of the world, and the interplay between light and shadow, his photographs are often praised for their ability to convey a sense of peace and tranquility.

The website also features a gallery section where you can view examples of his paintings, photographs, and scenography works. The gallery is divided into categories such as „paintings”, „photography” and „scenography” that allows visitors to easily navigate and view the artist’s works.