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Possible printing of everything and on everything

I provide printing from format B-1 to small, practical forms. To optimize the effect that your informational and advertising prints will have on customers, my design will provide you with the most appropriate printing technique.

… Good graphics will last forever…

You can plan the image of your company with me. Will you ask us if I can do miracles? The exact completion date will be confirmed in detail on the day of ordering. I implement and oversee high and low runs of all types of prints. Anyone can print, but my printing houses that I work with will do it best. Even a simple graphic form can be engaging and stunning. To print cheaply, you need to choose the perfect design. I will meet your design expectations and therefore adapt an exceptional form of printing. The ability to be a leader is also the ability to solve the most difficult technical problems.

Basic printing techniques

Offset – multicolor printing on all types of paper, self-adhesive foils (posters, brochures, business cards, etc.) Tampon printing – colorful printing on articles (keychains, pens, balloons, glass) Screen printing – the most universal technique of multicolor printing even in small quantities (stickers, business cards, brochures, printing on all materials) Flexography – allows printing on bags and foil bags Digital printing – allows printing on various materials and substrates already from 1 copy.