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Graficom also offers internet access in the following cities: Chorzów, Ruda Śląska, Kochłowice, Wirek, access to the internet through its own fiber-optic lines or leased and using GSM and LTE technology, as well as WiFi, Lan, Optic, FTTx, WiMax, AirMAX. Television + Internet (fiber-optic) + Internet LTE or in multimedia packages with GSM technology available for everyone in different configurations. Fast links without limits. Internet access is safe and without limits, except for LTE technology.

The Graficom Training Center also meets the needs of business by implementing procedures related to information protection and security (GDPR) and IT security audits. We support businesses in the obligations imposed by the legislature in the implementation of procedures related to Personal Data Protection, which allows companies and institutions to reduce the risk of information security.